Hydroton vs. Growstones? (Shocking news ahead)


We know you know this but it’s worth investigating. Hydroton are balls of clay. Dusty, breakable little balls of red clay that get EVERYWHERE. Is it any wonder that growers have fought for years with lifting, washing, and rinsing this stuff? Destroying plumbing? Cutting holes in giant plastic drums in their backyards and turning the hose on until the puddle of red mud runs everywhere? Hydroponic growers have wasted water, time and money buying bags and bags of red clay balls, putting them in their systems just to discover later that even more dust has settled out and gummed up their pots and other nutrient reservoirs. Crazy.

And it’s not like it’s red-colored for no reason. That red is iron oxide. If you introduce this stuff into any system that uses expensive magnet driven pumps, you could be putting your investment at risk. The iron oxide may be deposited in the pumps, causing them to fail much earlier than their normal lifespan. More money, more clay, more trouble.


So, let’s step back, and look at the alternative: Growstones. Growstones are dust-free, 98% recycled, non-toxic, chemical-free growing media that even researchers say are better than Hydroton clay. And researchers are super-smart. Their finding reported that Growstones “hold air and water better, are an excellent home for biologic life and make a great layer for in-soil growing keeping nutrients and oxygen freely flowing to roots. Everything got better with the addition of Growstones.”

See, the irregular size and shape of Growstones and the extremely porous nature of these durable, recycled glass rocks means that they hold three times more water content at saturation than Hydroton. Growstones also provide more oxygen to delicate new roots. And other than a quick rinse to remove fines, they’re super clean and light. They’re also reusable after sterilization. So when you’re finally finished with them, you can till them into your garden to improve the lives of future herbs and veggies.

Now for the shocking news…

Strip mined mountain top due to Hydroton mining

In order to get Hydroton to your plants, foreign-based companies come to the U.S. and Canada to blow-up mountaintops, tear down trees, and destroy animal habitats. Just doesn’t make sense. Destroy the planet to grow plants? That’s not renewable. That’s not sustainable. That’s ridiculous.

Growstones are made from recycled glass, never strip mined

By contrast, Growstones are actually part of the answer to the environmental problem of landfills. They are made from glass from waste that we all produce. Beer bottles. Wine bottles. Soda bottles. Growstones are considered “waste-to-product” – meaning we take waste and transform it into a fully sustainable product. Sweet. And to top that off, they are make right here in the USA.

Hydroton vs. Growstones? Really?