Commercial Grower

Growstones. The Ultimate in Crop Steering.

Due to its drier nature, Growstones have a high steer-ability and have proved to promote generative growth with an earlier fruit setting. This is of practical significance in climates, or for crop varieties, which tend to promote excessive vegetative plant growth with consequent difficulties in balancing the crop, and potential production delays.

In addition to all the environmental benefits, the advantages of using Growstones are directly related with its unique physical characteristics, and the ability to be customized for different plant growing applications and climates.




Greenhouse Operations

There are many factors to consider in a greenhouse operation. The choice of growing media is among the most important ones, only second to water and energy consumption. 

Until recently, the most common growing media in hydroponic greenhouse vegetable production was mineral wool. However, in commercial hydroponic greenhouses, grower’s increasingly high level of technical knowledge and experience, is leading to significant shifts in the choice of growing media. This shift is being driven by several needs: increase control over the root zone, recognized benefits from media with greater steer ability, reduce labor and energy costs, and reduce post-use disposal issues, environmental impact, and the possibility to capitalize on the added-value of using more sustainable agriculture inputs and practices. 

A growing media that can satisfy all these requirements, while maintaining consistent high yields and quality, will satisfy the three sustainability principles of environmental consciousness, social responsibility, and economical profitability, and will play a important role in the future sustainable agriculture.

Growstones is such a player.

Advantages of Working with Growstone