Soil Blending

Ideal Match For High Water-Holding Soils

Growstones are the perfect companion of high water holding soils bringing together in a mix the best of both worlds – water retention and aeration. The result is an easy to work with planting mix, which eliminates the dangers of over irrigation and excessive compaction.

Growstones Super Soil Aerator provides a higher proportion of aeration and faster drainage to the respective mixes per unit volume than perlite – its larger and highly porous aggregates act as air bubbles inside the mix.

As such, achieving a similar level of aeration requires a smaller amount of Growstones than perlite, per unit volume of the mix. 

Studies conducted at the University of Arkansas, have shown that peat-base mixes with 25% Growstones have an air-filled porosity of 20%, while mixes with a ratio of perlite as high as 30%, have an air-filled porosity of only 18.5% (v/v).

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Growstones keep soil loose, well drained and aerated

If the soil is poorly drained or tightly packed, oxygen is cut off from the roots, reducing plant growth. Whenever a plant is watered, air is forced out. In a loose, porous planting mix, as water drains out, fresh air is drawn in and ready to be used by roots. Growstones irregular shape aggregates enhance the porosity of the planting mix, helping plants get the balance of fresh air and water needed for vigorous growth.

Growstones irregular shape aggregates associated with its rough surface, tend to anchor themselves to the bulk of the mix. For this reason, Growstones will not float to the top of the mix and wash away when irrigated as is the case with perlite.

Recycled Product

Growstones are manufactured using up to 98% waste materials, replacing strip mined materials like pumice and perlite, reducing environmental degradation. At the same time, since the product largely consists of recycled glass bottles, a large amount of waste is given a new life, keeping it from the landfill.

Getting Started

Nothing is more important to successful growing than soil properties. Its condition and health can determine the condition of your plants. Growstone Super Soil Aerator helps soil breath making it less dense, less clumpy and more workable.


  1. For first time use for soil mixes, rinse and drain Growstones to eliminate any dust. 
  2. Mix one part Growstones with 2 to 4 parts of sphagnum peat moss, coco coir, or composted soil.
  3. Customize Your Planting Mix. For increased drainage, use more Growstones and for increased water retention, use more sphagnum peat moss or coco coir when creating your Growstones planting mix.

How do Growstones compare with other growing media?

Growstones are characterized by some of the most desirable physical characteristics of an ideal growing media. The table here summarizes some of the most important characteristics of Growstones as compared with other commonly used growing media.