Fungus Gnat Control


Gnat Nix! The Only Fungus Gnat Control With NO Harmful Pesticides Or Chemicals

Growstone Gnat Nix! is the only scientifically-proven, chemical-free fungus gnat control on the market. It’s not just free of harmful pesticides and chemicals, it’s made from 100% recycled glass. Plants love it. Gnats don’t.

Gnat Nix! is:

Scientifically Proven

University trials have proved Gnat Nix! used as a top dressing is an effective physical barrier against fungus gnats. Unlike other top dresses that are limited to one phase of control, Gnat Nix! controls gnats at different points of their lifecycle. It prevents adult emergence from hatching larvae and deters females from laying eggs in the growing media. As a result, the lifecycle of fungus gnats is interrupted, and its population significantly reduced. 

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Available in 2 liter, 9 liter and 1.5 cubic ft bags

Available in 2 liter, 9 liter and 1.5 cubic ft bags


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