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Growstones are environmentally friendly products that benefit your plants and our planet. They are an effective addition to hydroponic growing and soil enhancement materials. Growstones are perfect for commercial hydroponic growers, soil blenders or hydroponic hobbyists and container gardeners.

The product is made from 100% recycled glass and replaces strip-mined materials like stonewool, perlite, pumice, and expanded clay. As such, Growstones have a positive environmental impact while simultaneously contributing to the growth of vigorous, healthy plants.

Growstones are engineered with a specific pore size and structure, creating an effective air to water ratio for specific applications. It can be used in all types of hydroponic growing systems, from the simplest to the most complex.

Growstones improve structure, texture and aeration of soil mixes where it can be added at a higher or lower ratio per unit volume of the mix allowing growers to achieve more water retention or more drainage to suit their specific growing needs. Growstones can also serve as an efficient soil amendment in a variety of climate zones and environments.

Based on sound science and technology, Growstones have been field-tested through extensive horticultural trials in both traditional and hydroponic greenhouses, as well as container nurseries.

Research trials also compared Growstones with a variety of different soil amendment materials such as perlite and parboiled rice hulls in peat moss and coco coir based mixes. Results show that Growstones are highly effective and provide a better air to water retention ratio than perlite through time.

Growstones provide:

Customize your Substrate physical characteristics with Growstone

As a manufactured product, Growstones can be engineered with different physical characteristics with respect to pore size, pore structure, particle size, and particle size distribution, to meet the specific needs of the different plant growing requirements.

Importance of Pore Size and Particle Size

Growstones consists in highly porous aggregates which contain significantly higher percentage of macro and micro pores compared with rockwool and perlite.

Hardness and irregular shape of each crushed Growstone aggregate prevents substrate to brake or compact around the roots throughout long crop seasons even for crops with strong root systems.