Resource Library

Growstone Resource Library offers a wide variety of articles containing practical information intended to help vegetable growers to deal with common growing problems. Articles will cover a wide variety of subjects, from tomato physiological disorders, to how to grow hydroponically in Growstones, and other useful issues.

If you have a specific question or a subject you would like us to address, feel free to let us know.


How to Use Growstones

How to Prepare Growstones for Hydroponic Use

How to Plant Seedlings in Growstones for Hydroponic Growing



Growstone 101: Everything you need to know about Growstones

Choosing Your Growing Medium

Physiological Disorders and Corrective Measures for Greenhouse Tomatoes

Advantages of Growstones Over Perlite Used Alone or in Soilless Mixes

Advantages of Growstones Over Hydroton

How Growstone Can Help Greenhouse Operations Become More Sustainable While Maintaining a Competitive Edge


Research and Field Trials 

In-depth information on results from Research and Field Trials with Growstones.